New Patients

New Patient Exam

All new patients at our Lower Hutt dental practice are scheduled for a comprehensive 30-minute examination. Personalising our service to you is one of the primary purposes of your first visit with us. We take the time to know you first.

How we Achieve this by?

  • Filling out a new patient form and a medical questionnaire
  • Review of past dental history
  • A discussion about levels of anxiety a dental visit is likely to cause you.
  • Your preference regarding the type of treatment techniques

Dental Examination

  • Exam of your jaw muscles and jaw joint (TMJ)
  • Exam of your cheeks, tongue, lips and gums
  • Examination of your teeth, charting all the existing restorations, any missing teeth, any signs of decay.
  • Examination of your teeth for signs of tooth wear, or signs of faulty brushing habits
  • Appearance and colour of the teeth in the smile line
  • Assessment of the health and appearance of your gums
  • A set of 2 x-rays
  • Any necessary photographs
  • Impressions for study models if necessary
  • Discussion of the present oral health status
  • Discussion of treatment options available for you

A written plan outlining various treatment options, with estimated costs, plan for your home care and follow-up care. (For complex treatments, a written plan may not be presented at the initial consultation.)

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